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Christmas event winners!

By ginga123 at 15th January 2017 08:07 PM 67 views | 4 comments
The results of the Christmas event are here! Santa thanks all those who helped him deliver presents to Minepowia over Christmas. He also dropped by the build server where he looked over all of the builds that were created. His elf team decided upon the winners too - here are the results:
Delivery Contest:
  • 1st place - Mr3soome - 3141 points
  • 2nd place - Thanasis_k - 3036 points
  • 3rd place - Soulsink - 2658 points
  • 4th place - Clay-mil - 1510 points
  • 5th place - Juanton1702 - 1284 points
Build Contest:
  • 1st place - GoofyGoober
  • 2nd place - Starchy_Potato
  • 3rd place - paulchartres
  • 4th place - xStarrynight7
  • 5th place - thanasis_k

If you won something from this competition contact an admin via the forums for details on your prize

December Top Voters

By Digital at 12th January 2017 11:54 PM 50 views | 3 comments

Sorry for the late top voters. Thanks to everyone who voted this month and here are the top voters,
  • dougie61212 ($50 Store Coupon)
  • silverbk (Rank upgrade or $25 store coupon)
  • thanasis_k (5,000 Claim Blocks)
Votes have been reset and you can maybe win next month! You can check the leaderboards for votes here,

Hope to see you ingame!
- Minepow Staff Team

Minepow Christmas events & 50% off store sale

By ginga123 at 11th December 2016 12:51 AM 528 views | 8 comments
Unfortunately Santa is unable to get to the city of Minepowia this year (I think he said it was due to weather conditions) so the Minepow Courier Service has been asked to help out. Our job is to deliver parcels to houses throughout the city, we do this by ringing peoples' doorbells (which look strangely similar to stone buttons) and leaving the parcel at the door. Every so often there's a special delivery that you can fulfill to get bonus points. The house address for the special deliveries are broadcasted when the time comes.
For each parcel that you deliver you receive 1 point, and for special deliveries you receive 10 points
Use /server event to get to Minepowia.

You might be wondering what's in it for you, don't worry - Santa's got you covered!
The 5 players with the most points will receive:
1st place - Overlord Rank *
2nd place - $50 store coupon
3rd place - $25 store coupon
4th place - 2 x Chunk Loader on a server of your choice
5th place - $50,000 in game currency on a server of your choice

* If you already have overlord we'll work something else out.

If you're not as efficient at delivering parcels as others, we have a build event going on too! use /server build to get there, once you're there use /plot auto to get yourself a plot. All you have to do to enter is build the most christmassy thing you can imagine and reply to this thread with one screenshot, your plot ID and your Minecraft username (template is supplied below) ! Your plots will be judged anonymously by a board of (non bribeable) judges who will award their 5 favorite Christmas with the same prizes as the delivery event.
Don't forget if you like someone else's plot to give their post a thumbs up rating!

As a token of good measure we're having a 50% off Christmas / New Years sale on the store which you can access by visiting
Prices are automatically deducted and you are welcome to use any coupons that you might have from top voter etc.

Both events and the sale starts today (11th of December) and end on the 2nd of January GMT. Event winners will be announced on the following Monday.

Okay so to recap:
Delivery event - use /server event on any 1.7.10 client
Build event - use /server build on any 1.7.10 client
50% off sale - visit

If you find any bugs or have any issues make sure you contact a member of staff either in game or on the forums.