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October Top Voters!

By Digital at 5th November 2016 04:23 PM 62 views | 0 comments
Thanks to everyone who voted this month and here are the top voters,
  • draconvixen - 131 votes ($50 Store Coupon)
  • swiftingduster - 106 votes ($25 store coupon)
  • thorgrim_ukm - 76 votes (5,000 Claim Blocks)
Votes have been reset and you can maybe win next month! You can check the leaderboards for votes here,

Hope to see you ingame!
- Minepow Staff Team

Helper Rank!

By Digital at 27th October 2016 02:00 AM 186 views | 5 comments

Today we have added a new rank to the network, we call it the helper rank! The purpose of the helper rank is to give the players a chance at helping on our network. We get tons of staff applications and we want to trial most players so we came up with a helper rank which your job is to help out general questions in chat and report issues to staff members (moderator+). I have assigned the head helper role to @Deranged_Koala (Zach) who will be managing the helper team, he will be promoting new helpers and removing old inactive helpers. Please don't be afraid to ask questions our Helpers questions! Helper is one step closer to becoming a staff member, we pick our new staff members from our current helpers.

- Minepow Staff Team

Halloween Event!

By Rob at 19th October 2016 09:13 PM 179 views | 3 comments
Hey fellow Minepowers!

Halloween is coming ever closer, and we in the Staff Team felt like it would be fun doing a little event for the occasion. Thus we decided to make a few competitions running from October 25th to October 31st.

The village of Minepowia is under attack from the cruel Zombie Vikings, and only you can save the village from complete destruction. Harry the King is residing in an unknown location in the town, hiding away from the attackers. He needs your help to get out alive. Good luck, and may the best protector win the greatest prize there is!

For those of you that don’t really feel like fighting zombie vikings, no matter how cool they might be, we are having a little building competition. The ones who makes the scariest, coolest and all around most impressive Halloween build will get a sweet prize. Good luck, hopeful architects! May the best blockplacer win!

The competetions will be held on 1.7.10 vanilla servers, so that all might enjoy and participate in the event without downloading an extra client. In other words, you can join the servers with any of the modpacks running.

Best wishes for a scary Halloween
from the Minepow Staff Team