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Tekkit PvP Event!

By Rob at 3rd June 2017 01:42 AM 467 views | 0 comments
It's here! The event we've promised you for some time now, and that you all have been waiting for! ;)

As this posts goes live, the brand new Tekkit server is launched. The map has been reset so everyone starts on the same foot, so have fun with that. To make it a bit more competitive, all rank perks has been disabled, so besides the obvious prefix every player is equal! As the map is only going to be running for a week, we've also enabled crafting of MK2 and MK3 stuff, a former Overlord perk. Old Tekkit players know what I speak of. :p

So go out there, kill and be killed, but remember: Chat rules still applies, harassment of any kind will not be tolerated. Neither will swearing. As Tekkit now has turned into a PvP event server, raiding is allowed, so be careful! Claim your stuff, and hide it away so you don't wake up to all your progress being gone.

Happy playing!

Crundee map reset and 30% sale

By Rob at 17th May 2017 09:25 PM 671 views | 4 comments
Hey Minepowers! I wish I had a happy announcement, and for some people it might be just that. We have, after long discussions in the staff team, decided that the current Crundee map as it stands now is unusable. We have looked for the cause of the frequent crashes, without really becoming any smarter. Every time we apply an fix and it keeps itself running for a full run (4 hours), we think it is fixed, but then it happens again.

As such, the Crundee map will be reset friday 19th of May. Do not worry however, those of you with a chunkloader. By filling out the form at, you will get these refunded. We also will be making some changes to the server that is only doable with a map reset, in the hopes that this will not happen again.

These last few days have been really tough, both on us as a staff team, but also on you as players. As a thank you for staying with us through our troubles, we'll be doing a 30% sale on the Donator roles during the week-end!

Happy playing!

April Top Voters

By Rob at 1st May 2017 10:28 PM 503 views | 0 comments
Thank you to all those who voted this month, we really appreciate it! :)
This months top voters are:
  1. Jondor ($50 Store Coupon) (169 votes)
  2. GreenIce_ ($25 store coupon) (168 votes)
  3. LT_Swoody (1 Chunk Loader) (163 votes)
If you are one of the top voters make sure to send a message to an admin so they can sort out your prizes! :p

~Minepow Staff Team~